Designed with the highest security, this beautifully crafted fingerprint deadbolt door lock is perfect for your homes and offices.

Developed by Tychi Systems of Salem, New Hampshire, the
BioDeadbolt™ is an added security from the acttractive BioKnob™ and BioLever™. No more lost or stolen or forgotten keys, the Biodeadbolt™ is designed and tested as a grade 2 deadbolt with a fingerprint sensor located at the center of the door handle. Programming is performed at the lock with a single point of enrollment and two levels of administrative management. To gain access you simply brush your finger across the sensor and turn the thumbturn to open the door or dial in the untraceable passcode.

The BioDeadbolt is a biometric dead bolt door lock system with a single point locking and a pass-through latch. A fingerprint sensor located at the center of the door knob or lever for fingerprint access.  All components of the system are encased within the lock. The system is powered by two rechargeable batteries and also can be hardwired by an electric hinge. Charging the battery is simple: plug in the AC adapter cable to the lock for about three hours.

The lock is always set to unlocked or pass-through mode unless the thumbturn from inside or outside is turned for the deadbolt to engage outward.  Fingerprint images are converted into templates which are stored for future verification of identity. No actual images of fingerprints are stored so there is no danger of extracting pictures of fingerprints from the lock.

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