This beautifully crafted fingerprint safe protects your important  documents, cash,  guns, jewelry and other valuables conveniently at homes, offices, hotels, stores and government.

Developed by Tychi Systems of Salem, New Hampshire, the BKK Safe Series™ using the proven  technologies from their successful fingerprint door locks. To gain access to the safes, you brush your finger across the sensor then turn the key. One time programming of authorized fingers is performed at the safe.

The BKK Safe Series™ comes with a digital Key pad for back up and as an alternative access.  A water resistant insulator protects the key pad which  is Spy-Proof and features an untraceable mechanism. It also comes with a digital LCD for easy navigation and passcode access.

The BKK Safe Series™ unitized 1/4” steel body. Massive 3" recessed door constructed of a 2/5" solid steel plate. 4 or 6 locking door solid bolts (2 or 3-way boltwork) and concealed hinges. Two 90 degrees rotation bar for extra security. Each safe offers 2 precut anchor holes. Key activated and key overwite can easily disable.

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