Tychi Systems Expands its New Age Biometric Door Locks

(Salem, New Hampshire)  Tychi Systems, creators of the BioKnob™, only door knob that unlocks by fingerprint recognition, added dead bolt and dead latch locks to its line of door locks.  Available in keyed, keyless and biometric versions, all locks are compatible with standard door cutouts. 

The BioDeadbolt™ lock fits standard dead bolt openings but features a fingerprint reader on its knob or lever that can recognize up to 100 fingerprints programmed into the lock.  It is battery-powered and self-contained although, like all Tychi locks, there is the option of hard-wiring external power via an electric hinge.

A line of standard key and keyless deadbolt and deadlatch locks also joined the Tychi Systems product offerings.  These non-biometric locks are manufactured in Tychi Systems’ own factory so benefit from the same stringent mechanical standards well-proven on the BioKnob as well as lower costs derived from direct-from-factory pricing. 100-year warranties are offered by Tychi Systems.

The BioDeadbolt™ lock joins a family of locks from Tychi Systems that includes lever and knob door locks that open by fingerprint recognition, as well as simpler keyed and keyless locks starting from $20. Tychi Systems has brought high tech biometrics to the home and small business market.

Tychi Systems locks come in choices of colors and finishes, the most popular of which are satin silver and gold.  All locks are of Grade 2 Level and environmentally tested for reliability and durability of finish.

Although Tychi Systems is an American corporation headquartered in Salem, New Hampshire, it owns and manages its own factory in China, thereby controlling quality and offering low costs not typical of new technology products. Many of the basic keyed and keyless locks are priced below competitors now on the market. Servicing is available from its headquarters in Salem, NH.

Complete details on Tychi Systems locks, including video clips on their use, are available from its website at: www.tychisystems.com.  Dealers who understand the new genre and new opportunities of biometric locks are invited to contact the company.  Contact info:  Tychi Systems, Inc.,  Phone: 603 89-Tychi (603-898-9244); Email:  info@tychisystems.com.